Synolis VA is a unique combination of high concentration Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and a high concentration Sorbitol. This synergetic combination delivers a high performance gel to the osteoarthritic joint. The sorbitol, a strong antioxidant, protects HA from oxidative stress degradation, preserving the benefits of Synolis VA.

The Synolis VA ‘s patented visco-elastic properties are designed to maintain cartilage integrity and its powerful Visco-Antalgic effect delivers a fast and intense pain relief to the patients. (1)


Indications:Synolis VA is indicated for the supplementation of the synovial fluid, in treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis, in order to reduce pain and improve mobility following degenerative changes in the knee and others synovial joints.
Posology: The injection on a easy SINGLE session treatment.
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(1).Heiselj,Kipshoven C. Drug Res. 2003;63(9):445-9



HealaFlow is a unique injectable filtering spacer used in glaucoma surgery. It allows the maintenance of the filtration space volume, the control of fibrosis and therefore the preservation of the filtration function.

HealaFlow is composed of highly cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, a highly viscous and hydrophilic component that has been designed to optimize aqueous humor drainage and to help keeping low intraocular pressure.



HealaFlow is used in penetrating and non-penetrating surgery to reduce contact between the different eye layers at the site of surgery, and to keep the filtration space (the bleb) optimally operational. HealaFlow can be used in combination with any surgical procedures, in association with any solid implants and with or without antimetabolites. It requires no surgery technique modification, therefore the required learning curve is minimal.